Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • BostonGCVictim
    04-07 03:19 PM
    Legal or illegal, NumbersUSA gang doesn't care. They just want foreigners out. If they had their way they would stop immigration tomorrow. While other countries are increasing legal employment based immigration they're trying to shut it down here. They'll realize their folly only when it's too late.

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  • BMWX5
    12-26 08:28 AM
    I planning to use AC 21 from Next week, I plan to call my parents in July 2008, What should I mention as my Immigration Status in Invitation letter.

    As I will not be on H1B and neither I have Green Card ?

    I talked to lot of people about using AC21, nobody is clear.
    Since you confirmly mentioned that you'll invoke AC21 next week, could you inform us as you proceed further in this process. Please remember you are helping the whole community.
    PS: Sorry I could not answer your question.

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  • what_now
    06-22 10:50 AM
    Nebraska immigration law passes - (

    (CNN) -- Voters in Fremont, Nebraska passed a much-debated immigration measure Monday that would prohibit businesses and landlords from hiring or renting to illegal immigrants.
    The ordinance had divided the community and put the eastern Nebraskan city into national headlines.
    A local organization decried the new ordinance on its website.
    "It is with great disappointment and sadness that tonight we acknowledge a majority of Fremont voters approving this misguided ordinance," the group called One Fremont-One Future said. "In reality, the passage of this ordinance shows that we have much work to do in our community to educate, break down barriers, and build relationships."
    The American Civil Liberties Union has indicated it will file a lawsuit.
    Similar measures were passed in Hazelton, Pennsylvania, and Farmers Branch, Texas, but they were later struck down by the courts.
    In Hazelton, voters in 2006 approved a measure to enact practically the same law that Fremont has voted to adopt. But in July 2007, a federal judge found that immigration laws should be left solely to the federal government.
    In May of 2008, a federal judge ruled the Farmers Branch law, which would bar landlords from renting to illegal immigrants, was unconstitutional.
    "Those ordinances did not withstand legal scrutiny. They both failed in the courts when they were challenged," said Laurel Marsh, executive director of Nebraska's ACLU.
    The reason according to Marsh: Both laws violated the U.S. Constitution's Supremacy clause and the 14th Amendment.
    In addition, she said it's the federal government's responsibility to set immigration policy and "we are not well-served when communities or states try to set policy on their own."
    Gregory Minchak of the National League of Cities said that it's the lack of federal immigration policy that is causing these cities to take matters into their own hands.
    "Because of the absence of the feds doing anything, there's a lot of financial, cultural, political strains that are occurring [in cities and states]," he said. "They are just starting to act on their own."

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  • immi2006
    07-01 08:14 AM

    I want to know how this can be possible. A few folks who work with me claim that some folks whom they know well have got GC in Feb 2007, even though there PD is June 2005.

    They are all from India. I am sitting here with Aug 2001 PD, just cleard from BEC and waiting to file 140 and 485.

    Do you think there is any truth to the previous statements of my friend ?


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  • caydee
    07-01 07:35 PM
    for 482 the 2 checks of 325 and 70 and one check of 180$ for I765 should be payble to 'Department of Homeland Security', or 'United States Citizenship and Immigration Service'

    The form says it should be payble to 'Department of Homeland Security' and the immigration voice 485 help thread says it should be payble to 'United States Citizenship and Immigration Service' .

    Please suggest and sorry if this si a repost. I could not find a exact answer.


    Why 2 checks for I-485? My attorney advised 1 check for $395! And I was asked to issue the check favouring U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service.

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  • ssdtm
    05-14 06:10 PM
    Lets not generalize it. Everyone is different.


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  • Sushana
    01-15 07:52 AM

    I initially got my H1 B approved under the quota for 2006 but later on moved on to work for a non profit organization on H1B. Now I am offered a job at a for profit company A, can I just transfer my non profit H1B to a for profit H1B(since I have already been counted under the H1-B visa quota for 2006) or I have to again go through the new H1 B visa quota for 2008-2009.

    Thanks in advance for your guidance.

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  • jackie3
    05-07 05:42 AM
    hi jase21. i think .net is the best programming language till date. wat do u think?


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  • americandesi
    10-17 12:41 PM
    i don't personally know any attorney nor do I have any experience. But I know that anyone (including Indians) will qualify and this is always current and no labor cert needed. You can go from 140 to 485 in a short period of time and then get a 2 yr conditional GC after which if u still maintian ur initial invest (500k or 1M depending on target area of investment) then u will get final GC.

    You also need to create employment opportunities for at least 10 people in the permanent resident or US citizen categories during those 2 years. Not sure if I-140 is required.

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  • Blog Feeds
    05-12 09:50 AM
    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) today announced a final rule that adopts, without change, an interim rule to improve the integrity of the Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9) process. USCIS received approximately 75 public comments in response to the interim rule, which has been in effect since April 3, 2009.

    The main changes made by the interim rule and adopted by the final rule include: prohibiting employers from accepting expired documents; revising the list of acceptable documents by removing outdated documents and making technical amendments; and adding documentation applicable to certain citizens of the Federated States of Micronesia and the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

    Employers must complete Form I-9 for all newly hired employees to verify their identity and authorization to work in the United States. The list of acceptable documents that employees may present to verify their identity and employment authorization is divided into three sections: List A documents, which show identity and employment authorization; List B documents, which show identity only; and List C documents, which show employment authorization only.

    The final rule will be published in the Federal Register tomorrow and will be available at ( The final rule is effective on May 16, 2011. Employers may continue to use the current version of the Form I-9 (Rev. 08/07/2009) or the previous version (Rev. 02/02/2009). The Handbook for Employers, Instructions for Completing the Form I-9 (M-274) was updated on Jan. 5, 2011, and is available for review at (

    Let us know if we can help in your I-9, E-verify or Public Access Files compliance.

    More... (


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  • WeShallOvercome
    10-30 01:36 PM
    Today, our AP status has changed to "Document mailed to applicant". Does this mean that they have mailed the approval document or is it an RFE document?

    For most of the applicants the status has turned to "Approval Notice sent" but mine is different. Is anyone in the same boat.

    I got the same status yesterday. No email. I guess it is approval.

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  • Blog Feeds
    03-21 09:30 AM
    Dallas-Fort Worth Immigration Lawyer Has Just Posted the Following:
    Nearly 300 illegal immigrants with criminal convictions were arrested last week in Texas, the Dallas Morning News ( reports. The largest number of arrests, 119, were in North Texas. According to the article:

    Of the total, about half of the immigrants had convictions for violent crimes or drug offenses. Most of the crimes were committed in the United States, authorities said.

    The arrests, though, raises questions about why the immigrants hadn’t been deported earlier, immediately after they'd served their time for criminal convictions.

    A new program, called Secure Communities, seeks to link jail staff with federal data banks to ensure that those with criminal convictions are removed from the country. There are only 110 jail locations in the country that now use the program.

    Secure Communities has come under scrutiny for the relatively low number of persons caught who have been convicted of violent crimes – or what’s known in ICE as a "level one" offense.

    Carrollton, Farmers Branch, Irving, Mesquite and Dallas and Denton counties are among the jurisdictions using Secure Communities processes. The program began in November 2008.

    More... (


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  • desibob
    06-13 07:51 PM
    Hold on there. Why exactly do you need to file EAD and AP now? Once you get 140 and 485 receipt notice, you can apply online yourself. Then you will get your own EAD to your own home.

    Then the questions is - would you be able to get a copy 140 and 485 receipt notice from him?

    Thinking out loud - Probably you can change the address by calling USCIS or by filing AR-11 (you may need receipt number to do this).

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  • hibworker
    05-16 01:24 PM
    Do i have to leave the country? isnt there another option?

    As mentioned earlier, you will be out of status so leaving the country for 15 days is the best option.

    You can also apply for extension of H4 from 15 Sep. The problem with that will be of timing. If your H4 gets approved after H1 then you will be in H4 status from Sep 15. In that case you will have to again apply for change of status to H1.


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  • WFGC2006
    04-13 04:54 PM

    My friend works as an internal auditor within a big 4 acccounting firm. His practice is doing quite badly. As there are tons of different practices within this firm, he is thinking about transferring. But his PERM was filed for the internal audit manager position and his I-140 has alreday been approved. If he transfers to a function unrelated to internal audit within his firm (e.g. external audit, tax, fraud, etc.), would there be a problem?

    Can anyone here provide some guidance or point him to the right discussion thread?


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  • go_getter007
    07-09 02:19 PM
    Please scroll almost to the bottom of the page on this URL: There are two paragraphs for PIO card holders as given below:

    PIO (Persons of Indian Origin) Card holders : Following the introduction of the PIO Card scheme, PIO card holders are eligible for visa free entry into India for a period of the validity of the card i.e. 15 years, and they are NOT required to register themselves with the concerned FRO/FRRO if their continuous stay does not exceed 180 days. If the continuous stay exceed 180 days, the foreigner should approach the concerned FRO/FRRO for registration within 30 days of the expiry of 180 days, who will in turn register them.

    Children below 16 years: As per para 2 of Registration of Foreigners (Exemption) Order, 1957, children below the age of 16 years are exempt from the requirement of registration.

    So, it seems, kids don't need to register. Common sense does prevail even in India sometimes. :D


    As far as I know, still you need to do. When I enquired for my son, they said I have to. So I did for my kid


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  • reddymjm
    02-02 04:46 PM
    You should be fine as the primary is already approved.

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  • asdcrajnet
    07-06 06:14 AM
    I am from India...Here are some details.

    The travels in India will help a lot in these matters.

    My parents got from ICICI. I also heard that Reliance is good to.

    The insurance mainly covers the hospital charges in case of hospital admission. Not that great for office visits.

    If the age is more than 60, the insurance is almost doubled..

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  • milestones
    12-08 11:26 PM
    Thanks for the reply Ramo. But my question seems to be partially answered. I do understand what you have stated.

    I have a degree that is equivalent to 4 years of education and is from the US.

    Can you give me more information around the question that can I file H1B as an IT consultant with a Bachelors degree in healthcare?

    11-30 11:17 AM
    Somebody please reply..

    Still waiting for receipt.

    11-01 12:25 PM
    Nothing at all.

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