Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • akhilmahajan
    10-03 12:46 PM
    Hello All,

    I have applied for my 485 in July 2007 and I have received receipt notice for 485 application as well. I also got the appointmnet for FP. I moved to a new location and address has chaged now. If I update my address in USCIS, What are the consequences?

    I still have access to the mail in my old address as my friend lives there.

    Please suggest.


    Changing of address seems to be a simple procedure, but it is very inconsistent and arduous.

    Please follow this thread.

    I hope this helps.

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  • deardar
    06-17 06:41 PM
    The Doctor's office will usually have it or else download it from the internet.
    You can fill it at the doctors office. Bring ur Passport to his office.

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  • gk_2000
    05-23 10:35 PM
    Oh well, it means at least they read our letters

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  • gcbeku
    08-12 11:43 AM
    My wife has her H-4 visa expired. She has her papers(I-797) valid until Dec 2010.

    My firm plans on filing an extension for my H1 and my wife's H4 next month. Is it ok for her to stay in India while the H1/H4 extension is getting processed?

    Is it ok to travel via Frakfurt? Would she need a transit visa?

    Please advice. Thank you,for your responses.

    Yes. We faced this problem once. She should either stay in India or the US until the H4 approval notice comes through. Try not to travel after the extension application is filed.

    Remember that if she is in the US, then you will submit her current I-94 which will be renewed by USCIS and that will also appear at the bottom of the I-797 approval notice. If she travels back to the US, then she will get a new I-94 (new number) that will expire in Dec 2010 (she will need a new visa stamp to travel, BTW). You then have to go through the additional steps of sending that to USCIS and/or filing again for extending the "new" I-94.

    I don't know for sure how big of a problem it is, but I think it is a big problem to have an I-94 that does not match what is on the approval notice.

    If she stays in India, however, then she will get a clean H4 approval notice....No I-94 problems there.

    But please check with your lawyers too..

    Transit visa at frankfurt? It might be safer to get it... will save a lot of hassle. Here is a link.


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  • memyselfandus
    02-08 01:23 PM
    Once H1B is expired; one cannot renew the H1B inspite of 485 under pending. Expired EAD can be renewed but not the H1B.

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  • miguy
    08-27 02:00 PM
    any other ideas folks???


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  • nomi
    04-19 08:36 AM
    Looks like lot many ROW eb3 PD between AUG03-AUG04, 42% so far.
    Good news is not many ROW eb3 for AUG03. Date will going to move definately.

    I totally agree with you. I hope date will move fast now since there is not enough people in 2002-2003. I hope this will be same for India and china too. Let`s hope for the best.

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  • ravi98
    04-27 12:33 PM
    In Wake of Immigration Law, Calls for an Economic Boycott of Arizona - (

    La Opini�n, the nation�s largest Spanish-language newspaper, urged a boycott in an editorial Monday, as did the Rev. Al Sharpton, and calls for such action spread to social media sites. The San Francisco city attorney and members of the Board of Supervisors said they would propose that the city not do business with the state.

    They followed the lead of Representative Ra�l M. Grijalva, Democrat of Arizona, who had urged conventions to skip the state, though other Democrats who oppose the law, including Mayor Phil Gordon of Phoenix, pleaded for people not to punish the entire state.

    Tourism and convention managers, struggling to rebound from the recession, said it was too soon to tell if the effort would have an impact, but some businesses said people were turning away from the state.

    At the Arizona Inn in Tucson, the manager, Will Conroy, said that over the weekend 12 customers canceled reservations or said they would not return to the state because of the law.

    Tourism officials said such accounts were not widespread, but they were concerned that the rancor was tarnishing the state�s image and were mindful of the boycott in the 1980s that led to Arizona�s officially observing Martin Luther King�s Birthday after initially rejecting it as a holiday.


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  • pmat
    02-20 08:55 AM
    a) Can he hold on to his EB3 priority date..though the new petition would be filed under EB-2 ?
    Yes, I know a lot of ppl have asked this question in the wake of the retrogession that we are all sufferning through ?

    Yes, you can hold on to the priority date if you have copy of approved I-140 and you old company doesn't revoke the I-140.

    b) If this Company B were to file for H1-B , as I understand it would count towards the 2007-2008 quota which opens on April 1st '07...does this scenario also force you to not start working till Oct'07 (which is when ppl who file in the 2007-08 quota are supposed to start working).

    If you are already on a H1 and are only doing a H1B transfer, it will not not count towards quota (unless your current H1B is for non-profit org and new H1B is for a for-profit org). You can start working as soon as you get the receipt. But, if you are applying for a fresh H1B, it will count towards quota and you will have to wait till Oct 07 before starting to work.

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  • GCJinx
    03-24 06:09 PM
    You have to wait untill Oct 1st to work.

    But you can apply for h1 visa 6 months before ie April 1st. So start applying for H1 immediatly as the cap for H1 will be reached very soon (may be in 1 week)


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  • kak1978
    01-04 09:57 AM

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  • Macaca
    09-14 10:11 PM
    /\ /\ /\


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  • Venkat_175
    03-28 04:59 PM

    I changed employer in 2010 so my wife got new H4 valid until 03/2013 ( I-94 valid until 03/2013). She traveled to India last year and while returning she did not show her new H4 approval to immigration office so got I-94 until 08/2011 (old H4 was stamped until 08/2011).
    My question is does she need to file I-539 for I-94 extension? If yes, process is similar like any other(B1, B2) extension? I appreciate any kind of help.


    Thank you all. Visited border protection office and they extended I-94.

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  • javadeveloper
    07-27 10:24 PM
    Sodh thanks for your responses


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  • beppenyc
    09-22 12:59 PM
    Can somebody can suggest me a good immigration laywer?

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  • gcturbulance
    06-22 10:41 AM
    Hi Experts/Lawyers,
    Hope someone can shed some light on this case, anyone who is/has experienced this situation.Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

    My previous company (9yrs), they filed for my GC.
    Labor approved and they did a concurrent filing in august 2007.
    After a year I lost my job, no choice, had to quit, tired to hang in there for I-140 approval but, they had one lay off and I was safe and another layoff soon after I left the company.

    After a month or so they withdrew my I-140 petition and it was not approved.I didn't get any notice, but came to know when I got my I-485 denial notcie.

    I found a new job out of state, working remote.Filed for I-485 and I-140 MTR/appeal with the help of new attorneys.They claimed since the concurrent filing was past 180 days and if I-140 was approvable they should approve it and allow me to port to the new company.

    Meanwhile I got H1B extension with the new company.

    The MTR/Appeal Got denied and the notice didn't mention anywhere that my petition was unapprovable, but since it was withdrawn, it's denied and we did show the proof of new job and job offer and pay stubs in the same/similar position and responsibility.

    We tired two more appeals, I tried Congressional office, everything failed. Now the attorneys suggest that I go for Writ of Mandamus, and I' am going for that now.

    Meanwhile my H1B with the new company is valid till sept of this year.I do not have new perm pending or new GC process, but will still have the job offer for AC21.

    Also my spouse is a GC holder, will be eligible to file for citizenship in 2011.

    I have to stay legal till that happens or I hear from the lawsuit.Can't extend H1B since GC process is not pending now (this was my 9th year extension).

    What are my options? Is it safe to try and see if I can change my status to F1 and go to school here till my spouse gets the citizenship? I have a I-130 pending through that way.So my immigrant intend is clear.Help please.


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  • ttguy
    08-11 02:40 AM
    You dont have to mention **it. Just saying diaper is enough, everyone knows whats in diaper.

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  • canmt
    11-14 08:50 AM
    EB2 India Priority Date: 06/2003
    I140 Approval Date: 01/2007
    I485 Receipt Date: 02/2007
    FP Notice: 02/2007
    EAD Approval: 03/2007
    AP Approval: 03/2007
    AC21 & G28 Revoked: 10/2007
    I485 RFE on AC21: 10/2007
    I485 RFE Replied Date: 10/2007 (Self)
    1485 Card Production Ordered (No Email): 11/2007
    1485 Approval Notice Sent (With Email): 11/2007
    Soft LUD: 11/2007
    Card Received: 11/2007
    Welcome Letter Received (No Email or Status Update): 11/2007

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  • reachinus
    09-12 08:03 AM
    By giving birth to a child is US doesn't change your status any way. If your F1 is expired then you are illegal.

    01-01 03:17 PM
    There won't be any issues.

    BTW, whats your port of entry.

    While leaving take all appropriate documents like Paystubs, Employment Verification Letter etc and also you vacation approvel details if needed.

    12-19 05:09 PM

    I have created DIGG article for this, Please digg it. ants_to_B_2

    Add this/your comment that involve the backlogged legal community already working in the USA, instead of more H1's. Thank you!


    Why is Gary looking outside of USA to tap potential home buyers? Just for folks who aren't aware - there are 500,000 high skilled legal immigrant already in USA who are waiting in queue for numbers of years to get their Permanent Residency. Thanks to the limited visa availability based on country chargeability (birth of applicant) and inefficiency of immigration system, these highly skilled, tax paying and law abiding immgrants are waiting for their Green Card (Permanent residency). Some of them have studied here, worked here for years and US is almost a second home to them. They are sitting on pile of cash, Yes - PILE OF HARD CASH. They wouldn't buy house or any big ticket items until they get Green card. Why not give these people, who are already part of our system, conditional Permanent Residency who buy houses. This will also get us immediately required cash and home inventory will go down as much as 300K at minimum. P.S. I AM TALKING ABOUT HIGH SKILLED LEGAL IMMGRANTS AND NOT ABOUT ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

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