Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • ras
    10-05 01:13 PM
    When I call through vonage phone, the wireless internet connection to other computers is getting lost. Is this the problem others have too?

    Is it having another router in between your vonage phone and cable /DSL connection solve the problem?

    Any thoughts? Has anyone inquired this with vonage folks?

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  • kumar1
    11-24 11:00 AM
    I have decided not to reply to any of the comments here and I will stick to that decision. However, I have received quite a few red dots with following comments....that shows how mature people are in this forum. Thank you.

    11-24-2008 09:56 AM ass**ole
    11-24-2008 09:51 AM bad advice
    11-23-2008 03:32 AM foreclose and then buy a new car and get some credit cards? THIS is the fuckin reason we are all ina mess now.
    11-23-2008 01:54 AM not good

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  • deba
    06-16 12:38 PM
    What is this 'Period of stay' form mentioned in the very first post of this thread? This is not the g-325a. What exactly is this form #? What is the url for downloading it? Thanks

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  • rajeshalex
    10-13 06:45 PM
    u wont get 20% discount and referral at same time. I talked to the CS. So she told me go with the referral first, complete the referral month and then prepay for the one year starting from that date.


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  • SunnySurya
    08-07 02:17 PM
    Of course you can do leagally, the GC is for the fututre job. We were able to do away with labor sub and we can do the same here.
    Though, it is unfair one can not do legally, as long as USCIS recoconoze the the job offered at desi consulting companies are genuine and real "fulltime permanant job". They may be gaming the is their model of bussiness to make money..and it is well supported by lawyers, lobbyists and ofcourse benefit seeking employees. You cant break this strong wall before the uscis. You should have witnessed how much resistance they created when DOL/USCIS abolished labor subsitution. In nut shell, if you close one loophole, they will find another. You are in wrong forum..

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  • PD073102VA
    01-08 09:32 AM
    I must say y'all are doing a commendable job. I have contributed $$ and would do so more in the future if needed.

    I remember Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist saying that the comprehensive immigration reform bill will be handled in February 2006. Is the schedule still the same. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hope that everyone of us stuck in this immigration hell-hole will get a relief from the comprehensive immigration reform bills that (hopefully) will be passed in 02/06.

    Thank you.


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  • nk2007
    10-11 02:28 PM
    Look at the breaking news section here :


    it says may be only 1/2 of them are receipted.

    If any dept can just publish, how many cases are still pending for receipt & how many receipts are issued per day/week, it will give us an idea on how long we should WAIT....YES I KNOW THAT IT IS TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR....WITH THE WAY THINGS ARE GOING WITH THIS AGENCY.......


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  • kshitijnt
    05-11 12:17 AM
    Oh, did that comment on Brahma and Saraswati incest hurt you? tsk, tsk, tsk.. too bad.

    Well, you should have read and responded to the comment before that before pretending to be hurt about my response. I didn't start it.

    If you are ready to make such bigoted comment, NEVER expect that you can get away that. Believe me, internet is limitless and I can shovel dirt about India in this forum, if I want to with a google search(which is not my intent here)

    Yes of course, I didnt go to any american forum to shovel dirt but you did come here just like Bush doctrine of pre empting anyone who you are remotely jealous about. So it shows who is bigoted & uncivil. It does talk a lot about your "mentality" or rather american mentality.


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  • Winner
    06-10 05:23 PM
    If the post is true and from real world person, then the OP and his sponsor are in violation of the Law. The L1B are not supposed to be based/hosted in client location unless specifically stated in the approved petition. Defiantly not supposed to do in case of blanket L1B.


    This could be a fake post from the loser's guild -or- lou doggs fan. I personally believe this is a fake post.

    I requested l1Bfraud to join his/her state chapter, so that we know that he is an immigrant and doing this in good intention, but looks like he/she disappeared.

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  • ushkand
    09-14 10:42 AM
    Its interesting that July 2nd apps have not been receipted yet. I made two applications (based on the same I-140 from TSC because of the July fiasco), one on July 2nd and one on July 19th.

    You can see the first application details in my signature. My second app's checks cleared the bank on 09/12/2007. This is the application that reached NSC on July 19th - the receipt is from TSC.


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  • inskrish
    09-09 12:37 PM
    Several baseless allegations and an attempt to stop HR 5882 bill by NumberUSA: :mad:

    This is time for us to work together, leaving all differences aside.

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  • bazuka6
    08-09 10:58 PM
    Amazed at the level of speculation, inspite of the detailed Procedures released by Rajiv Khanna ( and re posted by IV) .

    I am one without an EVL, sent after new memo took effect , that has been recipted and finger printed.

    So please read the 485 USCIS procedure again, and do not worry about sending endless 485s just because of lack of initial evidence

    I doubt that. Medical was relaxed since it can take time for people to get the medicals done. Also immigration doctors were all busy at this time. So it is possible that people arent able to get the meds done by the Aug 17 deadline. The other documents like EVL shouldnt take this long. If the employer is willing to provide future employment to someone then it should be sent along with the application. Whether USCIS will relax for lack of Initial Evidence other than Medical is hard to say. It is always better to be safe than sorry.


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  • funny
    09-09 04:20 PM
    I am surprised that all other threads are getting updated quite frequently. People are posting question related to their RFE and as usual once they get answer to their problems, they vanish. People are posting jokes on IV, but when it is their turn to call, we've to "bump" this thread and send e-mails to members. So pathetic.
    I felt very sad when I read 30000+ members donated some 4000 dollars in last two months. I felt my donation of about 1000 dollars since 2006 is being wasted to answer questions of or to solve the problems of these free riders &/or one question members.

    EVERY BODY PLease call...Today is the Day...

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  • srgadi
    09-10 06:30 PM
    I see soft LUD on my 485 today, but the status has not changed. I had an interview in Jan 2009 and at the end of interview the IO told me that he could not approve my case as it was not current. So I believe my case is pre-adjudicated?

    Someone in the same boat? Hopefully the approval e-mail comes in the next few hours or next week. <<fingers crossed>>


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  • ag11
    09-18 07:27 PM
    Hi ag11,

    I got the same approval notice. But online status showing as Card Production Ordered. What does it say for you? Do you see any difference in the status between you and your wife?

    Hi Ohguy

    What status changes have you seen on your case so far?

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  • nuke
    09-24 02:58 PM
    Current visa bulletin states following.

    2. Section 201 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) sets an annual minimum family-sponsored preference limit of 226,000. The worldwide level for annual employment-based preference immigrants is at least 140,000. Section 202 prescribes that the per-country limit for preference immigrants is set at 7% of the total annual family-sponsored and employment-based preference limits, i.e., 25,620. The dependent area limit is set at 2%, or 7,320.

    Question: What does the line 'Section 202 prescribes that the per-country limit for preference immigrants is set at 7% of the total annual family-sponsored and employment-based preference limits, i.e., 25,620.' means???


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  • gcnirvana
    06-15 01:44 PM
    I have a question regarding this whole idea of filing on your own:
    Whats the reason for doing this? Is it because:
    1. Attorneys will be busy during this time
    2. Employer will not file 485
    3. Bad Experience with Attorneys
    4. Anything else please explain

    If 2, whats the guarantee that he will not cancel your LC/140 once he knows that you are filing on your own?

    Sorry about bringing this up. My employer is ready to file 485 but not EAD and AP. He says if we don't renew our EADs on time then we will be out of status and hez seen lot of such cases. Can I file EAD and AP on my own and let my employer file 485?

    Thank you all for the patience!!!

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  • oomshiva
    06-29 04:55 PM
    what about spent thousands of dollars on medicals ,on afidavits,called parents in india made them run all around,cancelled vacation,cancelled air tickets , gave fees to attorney,and now cannot even file


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  • ganguteli
    06-18 04:02 PM
    Natives blame Naturalized citizens/GC Holders/H1s/L1s for taking their job
    Naturalized Citizens/GC Holders blame H1s/L1s for taking their job
    H1 holders blame L1s for taking their job
    L1s blame ImmigrationVoice members for taking their job:D

    Good one.

    ... and H1Bs are fools that they are becoming puppets on this thread. Has anyone even spoken to L1fraud guy to see who he is? He is simply inciting IV members against their own?

    You guys do not have time to fight for your own greencards and courage to meet your congressman, but have time to fight against L1s just because L1s are getting greencards before you. Grow up and see the evil designs of anti-immigrants. They also want you H1bs and EAD holders out of this country because you people are also all frauds according to them. Arn't you faking your resumes, doing consulting and taking away jobs according to them? H1bs are spreading disease according to them and overstaying illegally and what not. Go read anti immigrant websites.

    Shame on all of you supporting OP.

    09-09 04:41 PM
    Just finished calling 10 congressman's office. Will continue until the list is finished.

    08-17 12:51 PM
    [COLOR="DeepSkyBlue"]Your Case Status: Decision

    Case Status changed to Decision..with the above message today.

    After 2 failed marriages (i mean with 2 different companies)...some risk-taking ..coz, i left my second employer after crossing 200 days since filing I-485 , Used EAD and took up full-time employment with an awesome organization , and then later 2nd employer revoking I-140 that lead to an RFE ...and USCIS keeping the status Response received since Jan 2009 ...and now this ...after opening an SR on 08/10..Looks like it took an exact week since the SR was created.

    Of course, my roller-coaster was a small one compared to the rest of the friends in this forum.. Good luck to all and thanks to one and everyone.


    Congrats, Anil. I know it's a big relief....enjoy your freedom..

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