Sunday, July 3, 2011

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  • pani_6
    09-24 12:02 PM
    uscis has deleted the link

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  • meghanap2000
    10-20 12:32 PM
    Well..congratulations indeed. After you interview, did you do open a SR, take InfoPass or talk to IO on phone about your case status?
    We are still waiting here and wondering what can we do to nudge the process.

    This info is for the cases who had the interview local USCIS offices where they live.
    After interview ,pls take info pass for every 2 or 3 weeks and when you meet infopass officer, please fill up one yellow form (this form used to send any request to any other department who handled 485 cases.) to adjudicate your case.Make sure you give your i-485 copies and i-140 copies, You can write at least 5 or 6 sentences at the end of the yellow form to supervisor epalining when u r intervew is completed ,,u r PD is current etc etc.

    The way it works like this :
    The dept that takes care i-485 interviews is different from the dept infopass officers in local office.Even though they are in same office, the only way infopass officers can send request the 485 dept is using the yellow form..Pls request for it. Then most of the times info pass officer fils up the form and you will add any additional info at the end of the form. Then infopass officer will send the form to 485 dept supervisor.Supervisor will see the yellow form..if you are lucky he/she wil take action imediatly..otherwise go again after 2 weeks..Request the info pass officer twice or thrice..

    This helped me...

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  • eb_retrogession
    01-25 08:51 AM
    'United States Entry/Exit Tracking: Is the United States Visitor and Immigrant Status Indicator
    Technology (U.S. VISIT) On Track for Success?'
    Senate Appropriations Committee
    Homeland Security Subcommittee
    January 25, 2006, 10 a.m.
    138 Dirksen Senate Office Building

    Jim Williams
    Director of U.S. VISIT, Homeland Security Department

    Randolph Hite
    Director of IT Architecture and Systems issues at the Government Accountability Office

    Contact: 202-224-7363


    Breakfast Briefing: Today�s Employment-Based Immigration and the Role Temporary Worker Programs Play.
    Wednesday, January 25, 2006
    8:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.
    Migration Policy Institute
    1400 16th Street, NW, Suite 300 (Third Floor)
    Washington, DC 20036

    Speakers: Susan Martin
    Director of the Institute for the Study of International Migration

    Deborah W. Meyers
    MPI Senior Policy Analyst

    Moderator: Doris Meissner, MPI Senior Fellow

    Contact: Lisa Dixon at or (202) 266-1929.

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  • seekerofpeace
    10-01 09:26 PM

    You are absolutely right in your thinking. It is a pity. I know people who get approved forget everything thinking that "All is well that ends well" but the fact remains that USCIS was is and will remain the most incompetent and irrational organization on the face of earth....

    You are right congressional inquiries are being treated as normal inquiries and they are given standard responses and I have bought this to the notice of my congresssman's office....

    I too have the same feeling of Govt's healthcare'd fail just like SS and Medicare.....


    There is no logic to randomness....I guess the 2nd law of thermodynamics is most appropriate for USCIS...which is to say "Entropy always rises in the universe"


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  • nkavjs
    09-25 12:33 PM
    To send the inquiry thru your congressmen and Senators, you need your A numbers and SSNs too, along with your country of origin, DOB, profession, employer and all nine yards. This is a official faxed or mailed request which shd have date, sign and marked to your congressmen's office. Part of Federal privacy rule.
    I was told this by my congressman's office this morning

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  • msusa123
    09-15 09:53 AM
    Good news... I got CPO at 9:05AM.

    I raised SR for my case on 9/2 and no response until today morning and raised SR for my wife yesterday night. No changes to my wife application.

    I asked my attorney sending an e-mail for TSC streamline process and I do not know whether he acted on it or not.

    Good luck every one who are waiting for approval


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  • sugaur
    09-12 07:59 AM
    My priority date is current since september 2010.
    My H1B transfer application is with USCIS since Aug 27th, 2010. The date for transfer requested is Novemebr 1st, 2010.
    My I 485 was filed in Aug 2008. I have been working with the current sponsoring employer since 2005, no breaks.
    I am expecting an RFE for my I 485. Anyone who was in similar situation share what kind of RFE is likely to be issued? I already have a job letter from the new employer essentially stating same kind of work duties.

    PS: Also, how do you start a new thread on IV?

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  • trueguy
    01-24 03:08 PM
    Recently I travelled by Jet Airways and I had very good experience. They provide world class service even for Domestic flights and their international flights are just awesome. Brand new aircraft with bigger tv screen and they fly ontime. Also, no transit visa required at Brussels so no hassle for TV.

    The only drawback of this is that you are not allowed to carry any liquid (including liquor) from US. However, you can buy as much as you want at Brussels airport and the prices are same as in US.



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  • Devils_Advocate
    03-09 11:09 PM
    You have to be kidding! Here people are crying to get there EAD's extended and you think the Govt will give us citizenship???

    Please i suggest everyone to wake up and smell the coffee/chai.

    If you think giving us citizenship will be easy becoz it will prop up their vote bank think again coz it will never happen. Imagine the headlines which says recession time 10M americans out of job, foreign workers to get citizenship LMAO!

    Forget this ever happening in a recession time and not much of a chance in the boom time either, see how the Anti-Immi's will eat everyone up for this ridiculous suggestion, please remember we're nothing in the larger scheme of things for the decision making people, we need to understand our limitation and strengths and play by them, IV does a decent job of that.
    Do think rationally before coming up with ridiculous ideas like giving senators free pizza or asking for-direct citizenship. lol.

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  • ushkand
    09-14 10:42 AM
    Its interesting that July 2nd apps have not been receipted yet. I made two applications (based on the same I-140 from TSC because of the July fiasco), one on July 2nd and one on July 19th.

    You can see the first application details in my signature. My second app's checks cleared the bank on 09/12/2007. This is the application that reached NSC on July 19th - the receipt is from TSC.


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  • santb1975
    01-11 08:39 AM
    Let's give this a good push

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  • SunnySurya
    08-07 11:52 AM
    I am impressed by your qualifications, what is your PD?
    I am EB2-I with a couple of US grad degrees (and same undergrad school as Rolling Flood, not that it matters to anyone except perhaps those who suppor the lawsuit). And I think this lawsuit is a bad idea because it is divisive and petty.

    There is an old Malayalam story that most people who went to school in Kerala would have read in their primary school classes. Two guys, Greedy and Jealous, pray to God. God appears and Greedy goes, "I just want double of what you give the other guy. All I want to be is to be ahead of him." Hearing this, Jealous says, "God, please make me blind in one eye."

    This lawsuit, like the story above, is a case of knifing others in the back, for no real gain. We should instead try to leverage IV's large membership for a common good, which is what has made IV successful so far.


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  • chanduv23
    01-29 06:34 PM
    check this company on dice, says no h1b, EAD or GC at this time

    C++ Developer jobs - (

    C++ Developer
    Houston, TX
    US Citizens are only encouraged to apply. we are unable to take HIB, EAD AND GREEN CARD at this time.
    Client: IBM Federal

    Responsible for the design, development, and verification of the Test Framework application to create/simulate the testing infrastructure/environment to validate the F6 software components developed by IBM.
    The Test Framework application will provide a fully automated and configurable test infrastructure/environment to drive the F6 components through all required scenarios and conditions.
    This test application will be used to execute unit, functional, and system testing for the F6 project.
    An Agile / rapid spiral development process will be used for this software development.

    * Prior experience in Object Oriented C++ software development. (Required)

    * Prior experience developing automated test application. (Required

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  • mail2me_Ds
    09-08 06:27 PM
    I received CPO email yesterday night, But the dependent application status is pending. Please let me know what steps I need to take to followup with the dependent's case.


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  • sayantan76
    01-24 03:26 PM
    of all the smooth talk..cmon we all know the one time might power ruled the world.. so its not easy for them to get over with..well for those who dont like i always say..just boycott..but i know lots of them will still give in and take the pain...

    the way i see..if indian airlines were upto the task.. we could have direct flights from all major cities in US..but then again how can I simply blame the British govt. for tormenting us..its the Indian govt. who can't sort this..either encourage big businesses to launch international flights with world class service..that's something which we have to wait!
    how quick we are to blame the Indian Govt.......??

    Continental has direct flights to Delhi and Mumbai from Newark, Jet flies from both JFK and Newark, Air India flies direct as well, American flies from Chicago direct.

    Many Middle East airlines (Qatar, Emirates) fly from New York to their respective hubs in Middle East and then to multiple cities in India.

    Aeroflot ( my parents had a great experience on the airline - good food, courteous service and good new boeing planes) flies to Moscow and then to India.

    West Coast folks can fly via Singapore or HK or Malaysia........

    With so many choices - why should we even bother to patronize the London airport - i have no idea.....

    Though i have a GC and dont need a TV for london - i hate to patronize such unfriendly airport systems.

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  • abuddyz
    01-05 06:31 PM
    Appt. date: Dec 20th, 2007
    Received the PP by express mail on Dec 21st, 2007
    Mumbai Consulate did not interview husband and myself. An Indian gentleman called us to the counter and told us that the VO had approved our H1B renewals and that we would receive the PP by courier the following day.

    This is really good news.. Can you please provide more details of your case?

    - was it first H1/H4 stamping or renewal?
    - do you have I140/I-485 application filed?
    - did your employer do anything to inform the US consulate in advance about visa stamping?

    thanks in advance,


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  • bkn96
    11-17 11:50 AM
    I don't have H1 backup and already in 8th year. I am on self employment, But my lawyer suggested to apply H1extension (through my company) as a backup if MTR denied. If MTR are successful they I don't have to go on through H1 hassle again..

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  • fromnaija
    08-20 12:27 PM
    I checked my Vonage account which I have had for 3 years now - I was on a Premium unlimited plan for $24.99 I found out on logging in today. Changed to World plan just now for no charge. It's Awesome. Thanks to OP!

    I just did same thing. Even though I don't call India, South Africa and Kenya arre also included and that's where I have friends.

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  • sanjeev_2004
    10-08 09:20 PM
    One idea is to give GC to AOS applicants regardless of namecheck result, if all
    other security checks are OK and let the namecheck run in background . If the namecheck turns out critical , cancel the GC & deport the applicant.
    But USCIS and lawyers will loose big time , because of reduced demand for APs,EADs etc.

    Lets add this in IV action Item.

    06-15 05:10 PM
    Folks, while reading the 485 instructions, I found that the check is to be paid to 'Department of Homeland Security'. Not to USCIS as mentioned in the very first post of this thread. Please comment.

    06-29 07:40 PM
    This seems like 100% for sure news..

    murthy news flash

    NewsFlash! DOS Expected to Revise July Visa Bulletin
    Posted Jun 29, 2007
    We have received news from the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) that they have reliable information that the July Visa Bulletin will be revised on Monday, July 2nd, or Tuesday, July 3rd. This Visa Bulletin is expected to retrogress many of the categories that were announced as being "Current" for July. It is expected that at least some of the categories will become completely "unavailable." The reason for this is that the USCIS apparently engaged in extraordinary efforts to approve cases in June, once there was some forward movement of the Visa Bulletin. They did this to try to avoid the tide of cases expected in July. Each green card approval uses one visa number. If the numbers are all used for the year, then the DOS will issue a revised Visa Bulletin reflecting "unavailable" in the particular category or categories.
    DOS Input
    While there is no 100 percent assurance about this matter, we at the Murthy Law Firm were given a 95-98 percent confirmation of the expectation regarding the Visa Bulletin by a very reliable source. The most vulnerable categories, of course, are those that are typically the victims of retrogression: EB2 and EB3 for India, China, and (potentially) Mexico. If this unprecedented action should occur, it will mean is that the USCIS will reject I-485 cases based upon the anticipated Visa Bulletin revision, if it should, in fact indicate that visa numbers are not available in a particular category.
    Legal Fight Brewing
    There is substantial legal wrangling ongoing because of the anticipation of this unprecedented occurrence. The American Immigration Law Foundation (AILF) has announced plans to file suit against the USCIS for any cases rejected due to a revised Visa Bulletin.
    It is difficult to formulate words in reaction to this matter. So, for the time being, we will let our clients and readers know that our full sympathies are with them, as they face yet another potential disappointment. We also let them know that we have been long-time supporters and contributors to AILF and we will fully do our part to fight what comes.
    Please return to this page for updates on this topic.

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