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  • sabithanair84
    04-21 11:52 AM
    Currently on H4 and validity expires on 09/23/2010. Can be applied for extension when principal applicants H1B is being extended(from his company), but since I have my H1B case filed with USCIS, will it create any conflict if I apply for H4 extension now? (ideally for 7 days (23rd sept to 30th sept) !! 'coz if approved, H1B status becomes valid from Oct 1st, right? )

    Also, is there any rule which states that, when a case is pending with USCIS, legally you are not supposed to leave the country?

    Thanks in advance,

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  • looivy
    06-24 11:24 PM
    Which service center did your wife apply to ?


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  • eastindia
    11-10 08:09 AM
    There was a lawsuit to recapture green cards by Chinese immigrants many months ago. Is there any update on it? Have they lost or won?

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  • pappu
    11-09 06:44 PM

    I was a Donor few of months ago. Since last month, I am not able to see Donor forum or see my membership as "Donor". Wondering if there are any changes made to qualify one as "Donor"?


    Could you check and see if your subscription has expired.


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  • CADude
    04-03 09:39 PM
    Me and spouse sent the seperate letter to WH and copy to IV. No response so far from any place.

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  • ajp5
    08-05 04:50 PM
    There is just one thing you can do......pray........however gods immigration dept is as slow as USCIS............IV community will attest to that:)
    Ofcourse you dont need approved h1b to leave the country......only to come if you will be there for a few weeks you can get PP done till then........make sure stamping etc is taken care of before you show up at POE.........


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  • intarch
    08-04 03:02 AM
    Hello I am leaving for India in two days and have still not received my H1B approval. The receipt date is May 19th 2009. It is being processed at the CA center, is there anything I can to do get it soon.

    It was a regular processing one, not the Premium processing one.

    Help please!!!!

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  • Counterproductive
    10-30 12:36 PM
    Otherwise its pretty good but I don't know what its for exactly so im going
    assume its some sort of comunity thing. The silhouette of people seems to be pretty trendy right now (ipod, coke, etc). Without knowing what its for thats really all I can say.


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  • eilsoe
    09-28 12:54 PM
    because digital drawing with the mouse is f****** hard...

    nless u have a toned down piece of lineart beneath.. i'd love to own a wacom... it'd make things alot easier...

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  • LostInGCProcess
    07-20 11:20 AM
    Hi there,
    I changed my address using the online facility provided by USCIS by filling out the AR-11 form. I got the confirmation for that. After that when I started to change for pending petitions (I-485), lost my internet connection. I could not go back to that part again.

    I checked all the FAQ's etc but could not find a link that would explain how to change only the pending petitions, since AR-11 was already changed.

    Please let me know if anybody was in the similar situation.

    Thank you!!!


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  • baburob2
    02-13 05:35 PM
    Can someone provide me a good CPA who assists in the formation of the corporation in Southern CA , Orange county and also assists in preparation of the business tax?

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  • immigrationmatters30
    10-04 01:24 AM
    Would this apply even if one did not file I485 or is I485 required to be filed for H1B extention? Also what if, say, company A files bankrupcy or H1B holder from the company is laid off after I140 is approved AND I485 not applied.

    I am asking because I missed the boat last year


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  • rc123
    11-04 09:17 AM
    Hi All,

    I sent h1b extension application to california center on june 22nd and my application is still not approved. My current visa was valid until July 30th. I need to travel to India on Dec 10th due to urgent reasons . Please suggest what should I do

    1. Can I travel while my extension is pending?
    2. Can I raise a service request to speed up the processing?
    2. or Upgrading to PP is the only option?

    I do have EAD and advance parole through my husband's GC application. If I use parole for travel what happens to my H1b visa and GC application filed through my employer. My visa will still be valid or not?

    Please help...

    Thanks in advance

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  • Blog Feeds
    06-09 02:10 PM (
    The US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) has issued new guidance ( the standards for adjudicating H-1B petitions filed on behalf of beneficiaries seeking employment in a health-care specialty occupation.

    The memo suggests that adjudicators should first consult the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics� Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) to determine whether the position qualifies as a H-1B "specialty occupation" as defined in the Immigration and Nationality Act.

    The memo addresses licensing requirements for health-care workers in detail, and the effect of having a license - or not having a license - on approval of a case. If the foreign national has the required license, the adjudicator should not "look beyond the license." If the foreign national has a restricted license (e.g., license approved except for mandatory supervised practice), and the petition is otherwise approvable, an adjudicator should approve the petition for one year, or the duration of the restricted license, whichever is longer.

    If the employee does not have the license because s/he needs certain immigration documents before getting a license, CIS can approved the petition for one year. The memo says that "The approval of any such H-1B petition shall not constitute approval by USCIS for the alien beneficiary to engage in any activity requiring possession of such State or local license. It is merely a means to facilitate the state or local licensing authority�s issuance of such a license to the alien, provided all other requirements are satisfied." Photo by (

    More... (


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  • synergy
    01-29 11:29 PM
    I am on H1B for the past 8 years. EB3 2003 Jan /140 approved long back. Has a valid EAD but never used. I recently changed my employer and the new employer did H1B transfer rather than using EAD.The company lawyer submitted an AC21 application along with the H1b transfer. Due to some family reasons ,the new job seems to be not going to work for me. Is it possible for me to find another job and work under my EAD ? What will happen my new empoyer cancel my H1B ?How many times I can use AC21? Is there a time difference before using the AC21 ?

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  • bayarea07
    07-21 09:26 PM
    can anyone please respond to my query above.


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  • paskal
    03-04 12:44 AM
    We are in regular contact with Senator Conrad's office and iv-physicians has a seat on the physicians task force that has been working on this. As you well know the environment is toxic towards any immigration relief but efforts are ongoing nevertheless.

    Please join the physicians chapter for further information. See the link in my signature. As a reminder- this is a closed group that works with sensitive information, make sure you provide your name and telephone number, e mail for contact and general info about immigration status, practice etc.

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  • looivy
    06-22 12:07 PM
    My spouse submitted her EAD e-filing application 2 months back. How long does it take to receive the finger printing appointment notice. Kindly advise.

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  • fcres
    06-29 10:58 AM
    First renew your passport as soon as possible.

    After that go to your local CBP office and request for I-94 update by showing your approved H1B petetion. If you are lucky, the CBP official might correct your I-94.

    If not, apply for your H1B extension bfr your I-94 expires( a month bfr will do) as you can file for H1B extension six months bfr the current one expires ...

    Good Luck ...

    I don't think you need to change that I-94. But you need it to prove your last POE and date. My I94 stapled on the PP expired long time back. I just kept extending my H1 to have the valid stay.

    Ofcourse you can renew you PP and keep the old I94 with your new PP. Try to do emergency PP renewal though.

    06-26 09:42 AM
    Today I found out there was a soft LUD on my I485 application. I am not sure what it is. How can I find what is going on with my I-485 application. Befre that there was a soft LUD on my travel document which I file in 2007 after that I did not file that. I just want to know what is going on with my application. Please let suggest.

    Maybe you are about to get your GC ;) Dude, chill out and relax... dont be so anxious over a soft LUD. It will only affect your health adversely being overly stressed out over LUDs and GC.

    05-03 05:18 PM
    I am a little confused. I just got my H1B extension done recently and my attorney sent me a letter saying that if I go out of the country for stamping I need to make sure my Passport is valid beyond the H1B period.

    My passport expires in May 2008 and my current H1 is valid till July 2010. Does anyone see any issues in going for stamping in India in July 2007 with my current passport and later on some time next year applying for a new Indian passport.

    Appreciate your help

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