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  • sundar99
    05-01 03:56 PM

    4:00 ET
    p.m. 1:00 PT
    p.m. The Situation Room: Day without immigrants. We're covering the walkouts from coast to coast. Will they backfire?

    6:00 p.m ET . 3:00 (PT)
    p.m. Lou Dobbs Tonight: Thousands of immigrants walk off the job and demand amnesty. What it all means to you and your job.

    7:00 (ET) p.m. 4:00 (PT)
    p.m. The Situation Room: It's been three years since President Bush declared major combat operations were over in Iraq. So do Americans think it's "mission accomplished?"

    8:00 (ET) p.m. 5:00 (PT)
    p.m. Paula Zahn NOW: Brutality as entertainment? Why pranksters are getting away with going around slapping innocent people.

    9:00 (ET) p.m. 6:00 (PT)
    p.m. Larry King Live: The immigration debate heats up with protests and boycotts across the country. Lou Dobbs joins Larry to discuss the issue dividing America.

    10:00 (ET) p.m. 7:00 (PT)
    p.m. Anderson Cooper 360� : No work, school or shopping. Immigrants are set to take part in protests nationwide. We're live on the border.

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  • pappu
    06-04 10:32 PM
    Could you please search archives. In the past I had written about these issues and members had discussed this issue.

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  • GCcomesoon
    03-30 04:20 PM

    I have been listening to the Senate proceedings for last few days & I'm very unhappy to say that so far there has been no mention of legal immigrants.None of our issues have been discussed or debated.I was thinking after doing so much of hard work ( especially by the VI team ) & all the contributions,lobbying, we would get some changes done but looks like ..

    I'm not being negative here, but its just a thought.

    PD - 05/2003
    PBEC Victim

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  • bhasky25
    12-20 06:38 PM
    I just received a NOID for my 485(No LUD on the online status, received direct mail) saying that my underlying 140 is withdrawn and AC21 not filed. I have filed for AC21 last june (yes June 2009) along with my RFE (asking for G325a, Medical, Birth Certificate and 10th marksheet - this was during the Pre-adjudication time). My 140 was withdrawn by my employer as I had changed jobs under AC21 provisions(left employer in Jan 2009, filed AC21 in June 2009 and 140 withdrawn Dec 2009). Guess I will send the entire paper work again. I am EB3 India with Feb 2004 PD and I am no where near being current so I am trying to figure out if it is just me or is this the new scam that USCIS found to harass us!!!

    PS: My friend who is from the same employer, similar case (Nov 2003, EB3 with AC21 filed) also got a NOID. He responded to it yesterday. Guys, post here if you also received the same.


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  • Queen_of_Sheeba
    05-07 01:24 AM
    wow that was quick! I hope you're right that the Master's cap isn't related to the educational level of the job. On the other hand, I just talked to a friend who was sponsored by a big company that does heaps of h-1b's, and they got him to apply under the regular cap so it would be easier...

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  • gjoe
    12-28 07:02 AM
    My efiled EAD went to TSC. I sent my copy of my approved I140 and I485 as supporting documents. I got my biometric notice in a weeks time and in a month I got my EAD card. But I guess you need not send any supporting docs because you can give your I485 and I140 number in the online application itself.


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  • guchi472000
    11-22 02:35 PM
    Thank you very much for your response.

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  • engineer
    12-11 08:02 PM
    this is greta idea! and I have seen it used in my comany ..
    and people are motivated! you can see from recent campaign...people have contributed to 30K goal and we are near!!!!!!!!!!!


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  • lotsofspace
    01-03 11:34 AM
    Only 9 so far ? I had expected more !!!

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  • rameshraju11
    10-30 01:13 AM
    This GDP growth because of the gov simulation: cash for cars, first time home buyer credit etc. we should not expect any steady recovery till 2011. I do not think employment creation will be happened on 2010.


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  • brb2
    03-28 09:46 AM
    Democrats are on a dual strategy here. By backing farm labor they are trying to get the votes of the latinos. By not allowing this to wade in to other skilled jobs they are keeping their union members protected.

    Democrats should be seen to be what they are. If you live in CA, you must e-mail Diane and ask her why she is discriminating against Indians, Chinese, Fillipinos etc.

    By the time amendments are added the bill will be too heavy to pass in the senate and there will be no legislation passed! I am almost at the point of writing to my senators to vote against the bill!

    its all politics for votes...

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  • frostrated
    08-30 10:12 AM
    My current reporting structure with my employer is:
    Client -> Prime Vendor -> Consultant X -> My employer

    Another consultant is ready to transfer my visa and the reporting structure there is

    Client -> Prime Vendor -> My employer

    A prime vendor (not the same client) is also ready to transfer my visa

    Client -> My employer

    I am planning to transfer it to either (or both) of the above two companies. Will there be a problem in those two companies filing for a tranfer at (approx) the same time?

    Is there a way I can ask an attorney directly (I am willing to pay for that service)
    It is not an issue. You can hold/apply for any number of H1s at the same time.


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  • andycool
    01-20 01:00 PM
    I had my H1b till Nov 16, 2010 with Company1

    Company2 applied for H1b transfer and it was approved as of Nov 08, 2010 ( but we didn't get any notification about it it's approval until few weeks later)

    Company1 filed for H1b extension on Nov 10, 2010

    I properly resigned Company1 on Nov 30, 2010 and started working with Company2 on Dec 1, 2010

    Somehow Company1 didn't terminate my H1b extension and it got approved as of Jan 18, 2011.

    1) Which status am I in? What decides my status?
    2) Can I continue working for Company2 without any problems? Has this new approval put my transfer in jeopardy?
    3) Do I need to update Company2 about Company1's extension approval?
    4) Do I need to leave the Country to do any stamping?

    Please help!!

    You can have multiple H1B visas at a time problem..... both your H1B's are valid
    you can work for both employers at a time if you can :)


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  • ramyv
    12-24 12:42 PM
    My friend is with the current employer for the past 3 years and now she has her H1 renewed .The employer had some issues with USCIS and currently she is on bench and is planning to go to india to get married.She has an appointment in Tijuane but she is worried if the employer history would affect her chances of stamping.So she is planning to have her H1transferred but she has her marriage in feb.So what are her options of getting her stamping done?

    Can she go to India with new employer documents having applied for transfer(premium processing)and have her stamping done there? Is the pay stub with the current employer compulsory?
    How much time does it take if she goes for premium processing and what documents would she need from the new employer(incase the transfer is pending by the time she goes to India)?

    Looking forward for some suggestions.



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  • amyleu
    06-18 12:50 PM
    I filed the Labor Certification since September, 07 and got audited in November, 07. The response was sent to DOL in November, 07. I have not heard anything since then. Also, my H1B visa expired in the early of May, 08. I left US on April 28, 08. I�m very frustrated and depressed, and the lawyer is very unhelpful. I got questions as follows:

    1) Should I refile the Labor Certification with my current employer in the new position? How about the audit? Should I request to DOL to withdraw the application first and refile the new one? Will my PD be changed according to the new filing date?

    2) What would be the best way about H1B visa? I was out of US for one and a half month during these 6 years of H1B period. I heard that the vacation can be recapped, and I will be able to go back to US in the mid of July, 08 due to the pending PERM application for 365 days. In this case, should I start filing the H1B recapture with the H1 Extension now since my application will be pending for a year by the mid of July, 08 (include one and a half month times out of US). Otherwise, should I wait and start the application in the mid of July, 08?

    3) If my Labor Certification is pending again till the end of one year extension (in the case of getting the approval on one year extension), do I have to leave US again?

    4) I wonder if I should wait outside US for a year until the early of May, 09. Then, reapply the new 6 year- H1B visa again. Can my current employer do that for me? Would it be the better option comparing to the H1B recapture and H1B extension? In the case of starting the new application, when should I start the application? I heard the new H1B cap usually starts around the early of April and will be filled up within a couple days. Also, I have to wait for one year prior to applying for a new H1B, counting the day that my visa expired. So, does it mean that I have to wait till the early of May, 09 to be eligible to send the H1B application since the application will be rejected from USCIS in the case of submitting it prior to the early of May, 09 (one year rule)? Will the cap be filled up by then and what will I do?

    Anybody, please advise. Thank you very much.

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  • lonemetro
    08-11 07:04 PM
    Dear Friends,

    I finally got my RIR/EB-3 approved. My lawyer just mailed out EB-3/I-140. Now, our parent company is trying to transfer me there to work for them. Because the parent company has totally different name and tax id, that means I will need to start from H1B-PERM-I140 all over again.
    If I start working for the parent company before the current EB-3/I-140 gets approved, will I still be able to use its Priority Date when I apply for the new EB-2/I-140 under parentcompany? What if the parent company decide to close down my current company before EB-3/I-140 gets approved, will that I-140 still be valid?
    Any input is welcome and appreciated.

    Thanks much!


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  • immilaw
    09-13 01:08 PM
    Starting April 1st, only two Service Center are responsible for all the I-140's, Nebraska & Texas. All I-140's are filed with Nebraska Service Center. Nebraska keeps some of the petitoins and transfers the others to Texas. The ones that NSC keeps has a receipt number starting with LIN whereas the ones that are transfered to TX has the receipt number starting with SRC. So even though the petition might be filed with NSC, chances are it might be approved sonner if it goes to TXSC. Nebraska is taking 4-5 months to approve a petition whereas TX approves it in 15-25 days.

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  • admin
    04-06 10:51 AM
    I'm deleting the original text of this post since it is causing confusion: Only Hagel Martinez Provisions Being Considered, Not Oct 05 Hagel Bill.

    I've started getting phone calls, and emails on this.

    Please find a definitive source before posting any facts and figures in the next few days. There are likely to be a lot of rumors and theories flying around.

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  • mr_aryan
    10-19 02:31 PM
    Thanks all you for the time in sharing the info.
    Usually Airlines ground staff provide the wheel chair assistance(some r good & some not).
    I was concerned about them getting out during stopover in London & Immmigration /Customs, Baggaige claim & taking TRAIN in ATL airport .

    04-02 01:12 AM
    04/02/2008: Petitions/Applications Backlogs as of 02/29/2008

    * I-140: 147,913
    * I-485: 787,516
    * I-130: 1,367,289
    * I-765 EAD: 150,028
    * I-90 Green Card renewals/replacements
    * For other statistics, please click here.

    Source - ry08.pdf

    The backlog is so huge that there is no "light" at the end of the tunnel

    FB immigration is capped at 480K and EB immigration at 140K. Both are backlogged.. the ratio of cases is also perhaps 3:1 or 4:1, so the bulk of those pendng 485s are likely to be family based. the EB I-485 cases are probably somewhere around 250k of that 750k...

    Also, what is a backlogged case? USCIS has been changing the definition as they see fit. At one point cases that were pending FBI namecheck were not counted in backlogs!

    07-20 02:18 PM
    Can I take up a managerial position even though I am an analyst on the LC/I-140 etc.....??????????
    You cannot take a completely different responsibility job. I used AC21. The job has to have same responsiblities and designation can change. Salary can be little higher. I got 485 approved based on this AC21

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