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  • senthil1
    06-11 10:50 PM
    There were many compelling reasons for recapture bill on 1999-2000. Top 3 reasons were
    1. Demand was very high and in some areas only less than 2 persons were available for 4 positions.
    2. Outsourcing was very low. There is no other way than importing foreigners. Now even if demand increases many positions are going for outsourcing.
    3.There were no AC21. So many people started leaving country after completion of 6 years H1b causing huge problems to companies and country.Companies could get recapture and AC21. Now atleast 80% of the H1b persons are willing to stay even 15 years without green card using ac21.

    Now only green card aspirants are suffering due to deley in green card not the companies or country. But country and companies are using the H1b persons by just showing green card carrot but actually not giving it.

    Dilip Dude,
    As said before by unseenguy, your case is just plain LUCK, if there was no bill during 1999-2000 to recapture and increase GC quota, you would have been still struck in BEC counting days for GC,forget Citizenship. Just because you are over qualified(or under!) than others does not make you special or get you GC faster, you just had some good KARMA, thats it...

    Anyways, your attitude of blaming others(h1/l1 etc.) for decrease in your quality of life is just plain STUPID and shows your maturity.

    I wish you are not in a managerial position, I have seen many Desi managers like you who give hard time to fellow Desi folks working under them thinking they rule the world and they are the only qualified one who knows all.

    My advice is wish good for others not bad, this will get you more good karma and maybe get your citizenship faster.. :-)

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  • gc28262
    01-14 10:03 AM
    not directly related. But has interesting discussion about Employer-Employee relationship.

    Cyrus D. Mehta & Associates, PLLC (

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  • Kodi
    05-02 09:38 AM
    I'm surprised admins are letting this thread continue.

    All those who think that the rest of the word should get involved, where were you when the LTTE bombed colombo in numerous occasions? Used suicide bombers to kill innocent civilians. The rest of the world watched and didn't get involved. You had 30 years to provide a solution to this war. Now is not the time to get involved. Sri lankan gov is finally taking matter into their hands and its high time. LTTE is a terrorist organization that's banned in the US/UK and all over the world. They should not be supported. Its sad that tamils are stuck in this situation, gov is doing eveything possible to get them out of the area but its their own so called leader that's refusing to let the people go.

    For those that say tamils are discriminated.... think about this.

    About 50% of tamils live in other parts of the country in harmony with sinhalese, muslim and other ethnic groups and can conduct business. Tamil children can get education in any of the schools and universities in any part of the country unlike sinhala/muslim kids. Children get free education in the country. Sinhalese are not allowed to attend universities in the north and east. All the sinhala/muslim people were chased away from the north and east where as tamils can live anywhere in the country without any discrimination. If LTTE is providing tamils a safe heaven why did they move out of the north.

    Tamils can join the parliament if they're elected through an election. Lakshman Kadirgamaris tamil and held a prestige position in the parliament as the foreign minister but was killed by the LTTE. Look at Muralitharan, wold class bowler. How did he excel if tamils are discriminated. He came from one of the elite schools situated in an area where majority is sinhala/muslims.

    Tamils are not the only ethnic group that was required to carry national ID at all times in colombo. All civilians in colombo, including sinhala and muslims are required to carry IDs with them. I was stopped more than twice at check points and I had to carry my passport with me at all times since I've misplaced my ID.

    And the list continues....

    I can go on and on but I'll rather not. I didn't want to reply to this thread but finally it got the better of me. Each country should take care of their own matters.

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  • jaane_bhi_do_yaaro
    08-18 10:20 PM
    This is not "Indian" thread. It is purely a North Indian thread. He is popular only in North of India.

    I doubt that he is popular in North India only.
    VDL Rao is popular in North India despite hailing from AP.
    Similarly SRK is equally popular in South India.


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  • ak_2006
    01-25 12:25 PM
    H-1B visa-holders being deported from port of landing! : Business (

    It is also refers to Aman Kapoor and Immigration Voice. The article mentions the deported officer name too.

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  • qualified_trash
    11-12 06:40 PM
    everyone on this thread must ask ourselves this question:

    My HR manager has told me that there will be a labor available which I may be able to use to gain a better PD and get my GC in record time. Do I go for it?

    If your answer to the above question is NO, may I suggest you have your head examined.........

    If your answer to the above question is YES, may I suggest that you do not worry too much about LC substitution.

    I personally would never pass up a chance at a pre-approved labor and I bear no ill will or grudge against those who have benefited from the same. This country and world is large enough for all to coexist and do well........

    As for the people who have benefited, there is something to be said about being in the right place at right time.......


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  • rick_rajvanshi
    05-25 11:21 AM
    Is there a site that gives step by step instructions to filing for canadian PR? Like what sort of documents you need and when?

    Go to CIC web site and download all the forms and instruction book you need in pdf - Fill them yourself - Pay fees - Follow instructions which come after filing - Simple process.

    start here

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  • vdlrao
    07-16 06:05 PM
    EB2 is current now..."EB2 will be current within a year" gives an impression that EB2 which is not current will get current in one year...

    I mean EB2 India will be current with in a year.


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  • saileshdude
    05-29 03:42 PM
    I am not sure if I agree with doing two things at the same time. We can try to solve 12 things at the same time, but at the end are we effective? As an organization,If by focusing on eliminating EB1 fraud gives us significant advantage in short and long term then I am all for it. Numbers do not suggest that.However if we focus our energy on legislative fixes to eliminate the backlog, most of the categories will benefit.Question is do we suggest 20 things and dont complete anything or take one important initiative to the finish line. In my limited experience, I have seen second one works better.

    Reporting to USCIS about possible L1/ EB1 fraud should not take too much efforts so as to impact the effectiveness. Its just about bringing to attention to the USCIS about the possible misuse of EB1 by these consulting firms. Ultimately its upto USCIS to make a judgement about a particular case but with our help of informing them this is happening will make the adjudicating process tough for these people.

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  • mheggade
    02-14 12:24 PM
    I understand the mood among fellow Indians , due to substantial dates movement for ROW but it dint move enough for India. Lets take the high road and stop bickering among ourselves and lets get back to the Action Item which needs to be done.


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  • srkamath
    07-23 03:10 PM
    Legal, Thanks again. Also that is where exactly is the contradiction in analysis.

    In my understanding, they must apply any spill over to EB3 too. EB3 gets 28.6% of total quota (Including spill overs). If some one is sure that it is not the case, please correct me.

    If spill over was already applied and if EB3 will not open up again, then EB3 already got its share of spill over and EB2 also used up some part of that spill over, so only part of that spill over is left for the 2 months.

    If spill over is not applied yet, then EB3 should get 28.6% of what ever is spilled over to total EB quota. Hence EB3 should open up again.

    Please note that I am not making this complex. I am only pointing at complexities.

    The 28.6% does not apply to spillovers - it is only for fresh allocations. Spill over goes sideways first until all in an EB category are filled, then spills over to the next EB category where again it spills sideways first.

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  • senthil1
    09-26 08:43 AM
    US economy situation is alarming. I doubt they will consider any immigration related bill until financial crisis stablises.2009 will be the key.Economy has to stablise. If not anti immigrants will block any bill citing the economy as the reason. If unemployment increases every month then any immigration reform is distance possiblity.Illegal immigrants are is getting publicity every year by rally for past 4 years but nothing happened. Pro immigrants are trying to block E-verify and some other anti immigration reforms. Anti immigrants are trying to block pro immigrant reforms. So any immigration reforms will be stalled until some compromise reached by moderates

    no comments from anyone on this ..I guess most of us are resigned to our fate ? no problems though since I have also given up ...GC will come when it has to is better to have plan B and plan C ..(i.e. be ready to accept that there is a good chance that getting GC will become more complicated esp if there are layoff's everywhere ..I guess there is already a thread regarding issues faced by people who had to use AC21)
    I guess most of us are angry and resigned to fate ..what if we come with a shock therapy campaign ..i.e. get thousands of legal immigrant signatures ...and say we are fed up with the broken system and we intend to give up and leave US soon .. if this gets lot of publicity then atleast someone (maybe one of the presidential candidate) will come up with a solid promise to do something ??
    I have posted this in other threads to get more inputs ...I guess we need something dramatic especially when our cause is dying ...point is to get maximum publicity ..maybe flowers + the intent to leave USA


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  • Legal
    07-21 05:42 PM
    Does this mean there are not enough approvable applications. Doesnt sound right to me with 5 years of minimum retrogression and upto 20 years in case of Philippines for FB category 4.

    Still doesnt make much sense to my how even with USCIS ineffeicienes should there be a spillover.

    Once again, there are 2 restrictions in FB immigration-per country and per category. There may be 15 million Indian citizens waiting for 15 years under the siblings category, it doesn't matter. Once they reach their numeric quota they are done. That's why the numbers and waiting time keep growing.

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  • sk2006
    08-15 03:43 PM
    Why are you guys talking about human trafficking? In this case SRK was not detained for that. He was detained only for his name match.

    This is an atrocity of one particular officer. TOI article posted by OP says "There were other immigration officers who even vouched for me but this particular officer did not listen to anyone". You have to notice the gap here. SRK was detained for identity check because of his last name. When other officers vouch why he was still detained.

    Thing we should be worried about is, if SRK - who has MPs and other big shots behind him to prove him - needs 2 hours to prove his identity, think about commoners like us. We may get lost without help.

    What did the officer do wrong if the name matched.
    Do you know there is a CNN reporter who is a white guy and his name matched with some name on the security check list and the guy was harassed multiple times on different airports within USA.
    If a known person in USA can get such treatment, SRK IS NOTHING.
    SRK Fans think the is someone special!


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  • go_guy123
    01-28 04:11 PM
    :mad: They should stop the so called substitution.

    USCIS was trying to abolish this substitution. The lawyer lobby opposed it.
    There are too many well funded vested interest groups, so we are getting screwed. I have no hope/expections of GC relief...only more H1B quota making things worse.

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  • BharatPremi
    07-11 12:42 PM
    The thing is - people are crazy about USA, no matter what - so if you leave someone else will come - thats the attitude here. Exploitation to the core. The way America was built is by slavery. America became such a great country only because of slavery. There were moments in past where people revolted and found liberty - and we are all on that path. Look at the Black civil rights moment etc.


    Even that Angelina seemed to be crazy about USA. If S/he would be happy about everything in Canada why the hell s/he even visit immigration related boards meant for USA?


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  • breddy2000
    09-04 12:21 PM
    It is not good to reveal the real name of the person. Admin please check your password is not misusing by insider friends.
    It is a shame for IV.

    You should have guts to reveal the ID of this Insider who is misusing his power to expose personal details of IV members.....Is this what what you mean maintaining confidential information of Individual members????

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  • paskal
    07-21 10:43 PM

    where are you seeing the year to year count of AC 21 number usage?
    i see the 2001-2003 figure in mpadapa's link, what about the rest?

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  • H1B-GC
    02-06 01:31 PM
    I even read somewhere that once labor gets approved,Employer got to file I-140 within 60 days or so.

    04-01 11:06 PM
    As long as we are not citizens of USA showing interest in Indian politics is ok. I would say even after becoming citizens it is ok since we are connecting to our country of birth/origin. If someone wants to discuss Burma or China, they can also do that.

    We are immigrants and still are nostalgic to our India. Nothing wrong in it.

    Now tell me, at home do you only discuss immigration with your wife and kids just because you do not have a greencard and are obsessed with it? or do you only discuss work in your office just because you are at work and office is for work? Don't you joke around, have a fun time etc at work too? or do you just send a rude email in big red letters to your CEO saying please delete my name from your payroll because someone in my office is discussing something other than work and I am offended.

    05-01 11:29 PM
    friends lets not fight and over estimate ourselves ..we cannot do anything to solve or highlight our own issues ..then how can we do anything about something happening far away !!!
    that being said ..both sides are to be blamed ..SL and Tamil leaders in SL.
    SL because they treated tamils as second class citizens even though they were born in SL ..and tamil leaders because they did not accept peace offers / try to give up violence ..
    and don't compare this to kashmir ..Kashmiris (except the pandits) are not second class ..they have super / very high class status .
    as for congress party (India) is the biggest villian ..why did it send army to SL ..Rajiv Gandhi should have sent his relatives first

    We are not fighting here for the LTTE or SL. We are not happy to see how our incumbant Indian govt is. This is the same fate we/our generation going to face in the future whatever may be the reason.

    Somewhere in the world when one jew is getting killed how the ISREAL govt is reacting. They never mind to go after those guys. But we are unfortunate not to have such govt.

    Well..I wont post anything in this thread anymore.

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