Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • Hewa
    06-29 02:11 PM
    If USCIS mail room is closed fedex will probably re-attempt to deliver the next business day.

    Guys, Are we sure that Fedex will not deliver on saturday or sunday, what will happen if they deliver, nobody will be at USCIS to accept right, so it will still be opened only on monday ?

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  • drona
    07-09 09:01 PM
    No need to preach to us Smitha. Each person has an individual reason to be here. If you want to go home, by all means goodbye. For those of us that want to stay, it is our choice. No need to judge anyone.

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  • Lasantha
    05-17 11:38 AM
    You basically get an I131 which has all your immi information on it. It also includes your photo and validity period. There is also an area for stamping it when you re-enter the country. I hope this helps.

    yes, thanks!

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  • punjabi77
    09-09 02:35 PM
    I am from Ga.. So i called Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) 202-225-1605..

    I will try to call some more people..


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  • mhathi
    01-15 08:34 AM
    I have sent the letters today to WH and IV.
    I have also sent group emails to my batchmates from my engg college asking them to join IV. I think everyone should do that - this will help IV to Increase its Memberships.
    I had one more suggestion too - (this has recd less support in the past).
    we need to put in a statement that many legals are not buying a house because of the uncertainity in the GC process. even the congressmen will be more patient with our cause when we mention housing.

    I doubt if this is true. There was a poll created a while back that asked this question to everyone, and fully 50% or more had already bought a house even though they had not even reached the 485 stage. I personally would not wait for GC to buy the house. If the status quo remains, it will probably be 5-6 years before they even take up my case for consideration. The housing market would certainly have recovered by then. Barring local minima and maxima, the overall trend in the housing market is always of a somewhat steady and gradual incline.

    Just my 2 cents.

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  • venky08
    01-07 10:07 PM
    my letters are on the way GO IV GO...


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  • sanju
    05-15 10:24 AM
    Based on the June Bulletin, I will be filing my I485 in June.

    Now, I have H1-B(with my current company till Feb'2010 that I just got approved a month back.(not stamped in passport yet)

    -- Should I file EAD for myself ( I probably would want to change jobs after 180 days) ? Or is it better to be on H1-B.
    -- Should I file AP for both myself and my wife(she is on H4) ?

    Also, when I decide to change jobs using AC21 rule, is it better to tranfer
    H1-B to a new company or if I have EAD, how does that work ?

    Any inputs will be greatly appreciated..!!


    If I were you, I would apply for EAD and AP for spouse and self immediately. You never know when you may need it. Say, your company announces a merger and your entire department is wiped out and you have to leave before coming Friday. It would be almost impossible to find another employer who will send the new H-1B application before Friday. In such instances EAD will help to keep you in status. EAD card for spouse will allow her to apply for SSN and thus Drivers license. AP for wife will help to travel out of country after you have used EAD. So in short, I would apply for all the docs for all members of the family. This could result in spending couple of hundred dollars but will help secure peace of mind.

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  • trikap
    05-23 08:04 AM
    If you can restart ur app in Eb2, you should be fine dates wise. Unless CIR messes it up.

    Approximately 2 months for PERM and then you can file 140+485 concurrently.
    All the best!

    another question for gurus.

    my i140 is based on EB3 and now I have around 8 years of expereience I can apply inn EB2. Can I still retain my priority date?


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  • desibob
    05-18 02:02 AM
    It should not matter when you file as long as your priority date is available when you file - and of course you need to be in the country when you file it (to be on safest - i would be in the country on receipt date until I get my receipt notice).

    Having said that, I am not sure until when June VB will effective. I mean I do not know when July VB dates will take effect. Probably someone else can clarify this.

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  • crystal
    07-10 10:28 PM


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  • next
    11-03 04:15 PM

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  • glamzon
    06-29 04:01 PM

    check this .


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  • PDOCT05
    09-25 10:26 AM
    Type in congressman your city name in google or yahoo search. It will give you various names for your senator and congressmen. Call them and give them your name FN LN, DOB, Alien number and fedex / delivery tracking mnumber. They will call you back with relevant information.

    this is a draft I used to email my inquiries. Hope this helps.

    Regarding: Inquiry/status for I-485 AOS application sent to USCIS, Nebraska Service Center on July 2nd 2007 [FedEx Tracking No. xxxx - Recd. by Mr. J. Barrett NSC At 10.25am on July 2nd]

    Dear Mr. Assistant Chief,

    My Adjustment of status application [I-485,I-765 and I-131] based on EB3 RIR category, was delivered to Department of Homeland Security, USCIS, Nebraska Service Center, Lincoln, NE on July 2nd 2007. It was received in the mailroom at 10.25am (reference : FedEx tracking number xxxxx).

    USCIS website says NSC are working with August 2007 received AOS applications. However, I haven't heard any sort of communication pertaining to my pending application with USCIS. USCIS Customer Service would not pull up my application information in the system yet. Seems like USCIS is either not following the First in First out (FIFO) process for sure or the figures are misleading.

    Details as provided below:

    Name of Applicant: Name xxx
    �A� Number of Applicant: A 088 xxx xxx
    Date of Birth: xxx
    FedEx Tracking No: (whatever is your tracking number)

    I would greatly appreciate if your office can help me to track and process my AOS application delivered to NSC on July 2nd 2007. Please feel free to contact me at (xxx) xxxx for any additional information.

    Thanks and Best Regards,

    Thanks much for providing this info..i will be contacting my local congressmen..I need small help..where can i find my A#?

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  • cnag
    10-30 09:28 PM
    I received a response from the ombudsman. I am not sure if our issue is properly understood by his office. When we write about AC21 issues, the response talks about I-140 delays. Gurus, please help me understand the contents of the response below:

    Dear xxxxxxxxx:

    Thank you for your recent correspondence to the Office of the Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman (CIS Ombudsman). I appreciate your comments regarding I-140 processing at the Service Centers. We are well aware of the processing delays at all of the Service Centers and the AC21 issues created by these delays. USCIS has taken steps to address the processing delays, but their efforts have not come about swiftly. We have received several inquiries such as yours and are very concerned. We are currently discussing these issues with USCIS and continuing to review their policies and procedures concerning these petitions. Hopefully we will soon be able to help USCIS with a recommendation to address the I-140 delays and AC21 problems.

    Generally, we do not accept case problems presented by emails. Under the authority of the Homeland Security Act of 2002, the CIS Ombudsman assists individuals and employers who experience specific problems during the USCIS benefits seeking process, largely to identify problems and to formulate recommendations to improve the USCIS service. Please see our website for more information about the CIS Ombudsman ( If you have an individual case problem, please follow the instructions outlined at the website.

    I believe that first hand information from individuals like you is the best source for identifying systemic problems in the immigration benefits process. My office will consider the information you provided as we develop recommendations to improve USCIS� practices and procedures.

    Once again, thank you for taking the time to contact my office, and for giving me the opportunity to serve you. I look forward to the day when I can report that the work of this office has been accomplished because our vision of a world-class immigration benefits system has been achieved. Your contribution takes us a step closer to reaching this goal.

    Office of the Ombudsman


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  • mail2me_Ds
    09-17 08:58 AM
    Hi All,

    I got the CPO on Sep 7, 2010. But we did not get any email about dependent application. Yesterday, I just called the customer service and spoke with level 2 officer to confirm about our cases. According to him my application is still pending with the officer and no decision has been made. I am really concerned that still no approvals. Moreover, I can not even open a SR because my status shows CPO. Btw I had my FP done on Sep 3, 2010.

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  • gc_on_demand
    09-16 10:15 AM
    Single Person's Effort Makes Difference
    Everyone should try.

    Please call committee memebers and local congressmen/women


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  • kowligi
    01-24 01:16 PM
    I have attended the Interview for H1 B renewal at the US consulate in Toronto (Although i see a lot of posts concerning US consulates in India....thought this might be helpful for someone who would attend an interviewat US consulate in Toronto)

    I attended the Interview on Jan 16th at toronto for H1 B renewal and i got my passport back on Jan 23rd (4 business days as the officer told me as jan 21st is a holiday...martin Luther king day)

    I have been speaking to some people at the consulate and for them it is taking 5-8 business days and for some they got it in 4 business days.....the worst i have seen is for a lady who was coming to the consulate from past 3 weeks everyday and there is no ETA on her status..(i hope she gets her passport soon:) )...

    Unfortunately most of the people who attended there did not know of these delays and are struck cancelling and re-booking their flight tickets and extending their hotel stay

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  • jonty_11
    06-22 02:44 PM
    My lawyer said u cannot have 2 485 petitions with USCIS.
    My Lawyer's response - You should be aware that you cannot file two I-485 applications. If you file individually, there is no option to file as a dependent UNLESS the pending I-485 is withdrawn.

    Awaiting reponse from my wifes lawyer.

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  • ajay
    01-05 09:30 AM
    This is really intriguing since nobody has even brought this up. I really welcome this idea and would support fully in all my abilities.

    09-25 12:25 PM
    You don't need A# number from I140.
    When you give First name, last name and birth date. They can pull all your immigration applications submitted previously. If you have I140 approved that will show them in database.

    01-11 02:48 AM
    I had an appointment on Jan 10th, 1 pm got the stamped passport same evening at 6 pm from the VFS office

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